We Provide Services of Land Constructions in The Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

Civil Services

Civil Services

Civil and Earthwork Contractors

Civil Construction and Concrete Construction


LCC specializes in civil services, design, planning, and construction of civil, commercial, and residential concrete work packages. No project is too large or complex for our team. We develop safe and efficient concrete solutions in consultation with our clients and project partners. Land Construction’s aim is to be able to offer our clients a complete and seamless solution to their civil construction needs by providing a comprehensive service that specializes in the following.
Earthwork Construction


At Land Construction Co., we are very proud of our earthwork and civil services. We develop sites for municipalities, developers, builders, owners, and general contractors spanning the real estate, government, chemical plant, and industries. We work diligently and, with great dedication for our clients coordinating architects, engineers, suppliers, and craftsmen to deliver the precise product you desire. With over years of experience, Land Construction Co., can well-handled all of your earthworks projects.
Infrastructure Construction


Infrastructure & Construction investments are important globally, reflecting a robust asset class and a steady flow of new opportunities, particularly from government-sponsored capital programs. A successful approach requires infrastructure asset sourcing and asset risk assessment against key investment criteria. We use only the best construction materials (asphalt, cement, concrete, base course, subbase, and aggregates), which are sourced from Kingdom Saudi Arabian material companies.
Road Construction and Highway Construction


With profound experience and technical know-how, LCC is the ideal service provider delivering all roads and civil engineering services from one source. Best qualified employees and the use of state of the art technology and machinery guarantee work of the highest quality completed by the deadline. Our good relationship with the asphalt mixing plant means Land Construction Co. is positioned to guarantee an independent and cost-effective execution of road projects.
Landscaping and Design


As a landscape contractor, we can design and build beautiful outdoor living spaces, unique gathering spaces, and specially-themed gardens for homeowners and business owners. Hardscape is defined as the non-living elements of the landscape. This includes materials such as stone, concrete, wood, brick, and metal. An essential part of the overall design plan, hardscape provides definition and cohesiveness with the natural areas of your outdoor space.
Fence Construction


The fence construction professionals at LCC provide top-notch service and only work with the best manufacturers who produce the highest-quality materials staffed by trained professionals with years of experience. We strive to deliver excellence throughout the entire process of installation. After fence installation, our staff will make sure the area is clean and free of debris. At the completion of each job, each customer will receive a courtesy call regarding job completion.

Civil Services

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