We Provide Services of Land Constructions in The Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

Fence Construction

Fence Construction

Land Construction Company

Serving in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Land Construction Company installs attractive, long-lasting commercial fence construction and residential fence installation made from the highest quality materials available.

At Land Construction, we offer a number of fence services in Saudi Arabia, including chain-link fences in a variety of options, such as galvanized steel and PVC color coating. Chain-link is one of the most popular fencing options for both business owners and homeowners throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia area. The popularity of chain-link fences is partially due to their cost-effectiveness and long-lasting durability. In addition, chain-link fencing provides effective security to any property.

Fence Construction

Fence Construction

Chain Link and High Security Fence Installation Services

The fence construction professionals at Land Construction Company provide top-notch service and only work with the best manufacturers who produce the highest-quality materials staffed by trained professionals with years of experience. We strive to deliver excellence throughout the entire process of installation. After fence installation, our staff will make sure the area is clean and free of debris. At the completion of each job, each customer will receive a courtesy call regarding job completion, and our sales and service department will gladly meet with any customer who requests an on-site walk-thru to address any questions they may have.

First Rate Professionals and Superior Quality

Our fence installers are professional, polite, and take pride in their hard work. We strive to ensure that all of your fence construction needs are satisfied with the first-rate service of our friendly staffed professionals. Each customer can expect a walk-through of the completed work with the installer, provided they are on site. 

Fence Construction
Fence Construction and Fence Installation

Fence Construction

Types of Fence Installation Services

High Security Fences and Barriers

Chain-Link Fencing

We can provide the following types of Fence Installation Services. If you are in need of fencing services, we can assist you!

⇒ Custom Fence Installation.
⇒ Chain-Link Fence Installation.
⇒ Barbed Wire Fence Installation.
⇒ High Security Fences and Barriers
⇒ Razor wire concertina & welded razor fence.
⇒ Corrugated/ Metal Sheet Fencing for a Construction site.
⇒ Razor concertina and welded wire fence.
⇒ Three razor wire concertina & welded razor mesh.
⇒ Three razor concertina coils are installed as fences.
⇒ Razor wire concertina & welded razor fence.

We are a Land Construction Company and we provide Fence Construction services to, Jubail, Dammam, Khobar, Riyadh, and other Kingdom Saudi Arabia cities.

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Contact us at the Land Construction Company for Contracting and Barbed Wire Fence, High Security Fences, and Chain Link Fence Installation, Rabigh Kingdom Saudi Arabia office nearest to you, or submit a business inquiry online.

Land Construction Company (LCC)

We have been transforming the ideas and visions into awarded Chain link & Barbed Wire Fence Construction projects