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Road Construction

Road Construction and Asphalt Paving

Land Construction Company

Land Construction Company is an asphalt paving and road construction contractor in Saudi Arabia, specializing in municipal, commercial and industrial paving services for all types of road construction and highway construction projects in Saudi Arabia. The quality of our work meets and exceeds all industry standards and regulatory requirements enforced by all levels of government and municipalities.

As a road construction company delivering specialized paving solutions to clients throughout Saudi Arabia, the scope of our expertise includes municipal roads, streets and highways, airport runways, paved parking, golf course pathways, concrete curbs, gutters, and sidewalks and extruded asphalt curbs. Our civil infrastructure services also cover site preparation for road construction including excavation, sub-grade preparation, bulk fill, sub-base, and base gravels.

road construction, highway construction, asphalt paving and asphalt road

Road Construction and Asphalt Paving

Road and Highway Construction

Our modern world demands high mobility and fast connections. Our roads give us freedom, individuality and together with the car define a certain standard of living. With profound experience and technical know-how, LCC is the ideal service provider delivering all road construction, highway construction, Asphalt Paving, and civil engineering services from one source.

Best qualified employees and the use of state of the art technology and machinery guarantee work of the highest quality completed by the deadline. Our good relationship with the asphalt mixing plant means Land Construction Co. is positioned to guarantee an independent and cost-effective execution of any project.

LCC Construction understands that infrastructure work is disruptive to any community. Our management team considers the safety and convenience of the local community at every step of a project. We also consider potential impacts on the environment and take every step necessary to mitigate any risks.

Highway and Road Construction

Subgrade, Subbase and Base Course

At the LCC Construction Co., we operate a good policy and have an unwavering commitment to employing but a competent workforce and offer training regularly. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our experience speaks of the ability to work on projects to the highest standard. We hire the employ of top-caliber to overcome unique challenges and finish the toughest projects on time.

The Land Construction Contracting Company is one of the experienced road & highway construction contractors in Saudi Arabia. Our team can build all types of asphalt road construction, highways, bridges, temporary roads, box culverts, sidewalks, and curb & gutter including airport runways with all auxiliary activities such as earthwork and sewerage systems.


Land Construction Company | KSA Land Surveyors was founded on the principle of giving our clients a top-quality product. Our full commitment is to excellence within our profession. We assure timely delivery, very competitive prices, and complete client satisfaction.

LCC is a company that is focused on delivering Civil Construction, Earthwork, Road Construction, Asphalt Paving, Land Survey, Topographic, Quantity Survey, and GIS Mapping services in the construction environment. LCC is Kingdom Saudi Arabia based company.

Road, Highway and Asphalt Paving

Company Profile

Company Profile

Road Construction

Road and Highway Planning

Any highway construction and road construction begins with Stage 1 planning, which means considering state priorities, regulations, and other specific conditions. Stage 2 usually involves the design aspects of the project and working with engineers and others to assess among other things traffic volume, the ratio of cars, and trucks, etc. Stage 3 involves preparing the land’s soil and getting everything to pass inspection in order to move forward with Stage 4, which is paving the foundation.

Road Construction and Asphalt Work

LCC carries these capabilities include

>>> Highway and Road Construction
>>> Design and Urban Planning.
>>> Asphalt Paving, and Road maintenance.
>>> Complex infrastructure development including roads, bridges.
>>> Services detection, protection, and relocation.

Why Choose Us?

Quality and satisfaction guarantee, Knowledgeable and years of experience & On-time and budget. Our services include.

We are a Highway and Road Construction Company and we provide our services to, Jubail, Dammam, Khobar, Riyadh, Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah, Red Sea Project, Neom, Qiddiya, and other Kingdom Saudi Arabia cities.

As a civil construction, earthwork, infrastructure, Road Construction, Highway Construction, land survey, topographic survey, gis mapping, utility mapping, and 3d scanning, Land Construction Co., adopt a disciplined and consistent approach each and every time we take on projects… regardless of size or scale.

Our conservative approach ensures all projects tendered for are competitively priced with adequate resources assigned to ensure high-quality delivery in a timely manner.

Our vision is to be the company that others use as their benchmark. We will distinguish ourselves through our ability to consistently deliver on our commitments. Our standards will far exceed the expectations of our clients, but we will always strive for improvement. Our vision statement is to achieve a seamless system, from our first introduction to the final walkthrough. To achieve this, each member of our team must believe in and envelope our company’s culture

Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%

Road Construction

Road and Highway Markings and Signage

Road Contracting

Road surface marking and upright road signals are critical in conveying official information and guidance, uniformity of the markings is an important factor in minimizing confusion and uncertainty about their meaning. We provide road marking and road sign installations services. We are continually engaging with national and local authorities to ensure that we are up to date with marking systems and technological breakthroughs that can assist in lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

This level of commitment is also provided in services related to the good maintenance of road infrastructure construction. Well-maintained roads are good for the transportation of goods and services and are vital in stimulating economic activity for communities using this infrastructure.

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Land Construction Company (LCC)

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