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Construction Survey

The Construction Survey

We are The Land Construction

A Construction Survey is basically a survey that presents locations and marks for construction activities; the process of executing evaluation and estimation prior to or during construction activities. It is carried out to layout engineering and construction works. 

Measurements are done for reference points that determine the location of the planned structure, vertical and horizontal positioning, dimensions, & to control the elevation & reference points of the new structures.

Construction Survey

We provides all types of Construction survey services.

Land Construction Company provides surveying services for small to large size construction and industrial projects including civil construction, earthwork projects, infrastructure construction, residential developments, chemical and industrial plants, warehouses, and commercial buildings. When we work with you, we become a part of your team. You receive a dedicated team of land surveyors, drafters, and a project manager working with you to ensure your project runs smoothly, on time, and to budget.

Every construction project starts with a set of plans. These plans have to be translated into three-dimensional points that have to be laid out in the field for the contractor to start his work. Generally, the plans start with a reference to the property lines and set an origin point. Our field crews establish the origin point, interpret the plans and establish the framework for all the work to follow, whether it be foundations, piles, columns, floor beams, floor penetrations, embeds for pre-cast sections of offsets to neighboring structures, or other elements.

Depending on the needs of the contractor, we can provide axis lines, benchmarks, foundation and column as-built surveys, pre-shore and post-shore readings, slab thickness and leveling data, slab cut-outs, penetrations, elevator shaft locations, stairwells, area, volume/quantity surveys, and as-built condition surveys. Our team also provides a final survey useful for financing purposes and for filing with the local Department of Buildings for a Certificate of Occupancy.

Construction Survey

Civil, Mechanical & Infrastructure Survey

Since our inception, we have partnered with large civil construction companies, engineering companies, commercial builders, and residential builders to provide a premier surveyor service in the field of construction.

Earthwork Survey: Our experienced and dedicated team can provide you with the right surveying solutions for your earthworks project. Whether a small or large earthworks project we can deliver personalized solutions in order to improve efficiency and productivity.

Civil Concrete Construction Survey: LCC Company is your expert when it comes to civil concrete construction surveying. Whether it’s a residential or commercial building, high-rise, tunnel, road, rail, mine, dam, pipeline, wharf, jetty, or any other industrial or civil project, we can provide a fully integrated solution for your surveying needs.


Land Construction Co. | KSA Land Surveyors was founded on the principle of giving our clients a top-quality product. Our full commitment is to excellence within our profession. We assure timely delivery, very competitive prices, and complete client satisfaction.

LCC is a company that is focused on delivering Civil Construction, Earthwork, Road Work, Land Survey, Topographic, Quantity Survey, and GIS Mapping services in the construction environment. LCC is Kingdom Saudi Arabia based company.

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Construction Survey

Road, Pipeline & Railway Line Survey

Our experienced and dedicated surveyors utilize the latest technology and knowledge to provide you with a cost-effective and timely service. As part of this service, we incorporate pre-calculation checks which allow us to flag potential issues early so they can be resolved with minimum impact to the construction schedule.

Structural / Mechanical / Dimensional Survey

LCC provides dimensional control surveyor services to the civil construction, earthwork, infrastructure, manufacturing, fabrication, structural, mining, shipbuilding, and petrochemical industries. By utilizing the most advanced and precise survey instrumentation and software we provide control audits validating the build quality of fabricated structures to ensure the first-time fit saving time and money for our clients.

Construction Survey

Survey Crew Services

Our construction survey crews have over 10 years of construction surveying experience. We use the Leica Total Station, Sokkia Total Station, and Trimble GPS to ensure that we provide our clients accurate and cost-effective surveys. Our field crews have the knowledge and resources to handle field calculations and adapt to the challenges of a live site. Land Construction Company has experience in civil construction, earthwork, civil buildings, road construction, concrete construction, mechanical structure, industrial plant, railway line construction, chemical plants, pipeline, steel plant, steel tank, concrete tank, cement plant, volume surveys, piles, setting anchor bolts, bridge construction, etc.

Construction surveyors guide construction crews through all phases of a civil, industrial, and infrastructure construction project. Using a certified construction surveyor will help to ensure your project gets completed as per the contract and to the design accuracy specifications.

We have a fully staffed office to assist the field with a computer, land surveying & civil engineering software like Autocad Civil 3D, Microstation, ArcGIS and, data delivery, topographic maps. No project is too big or too small for our experienced staff to handle quickly and accurately.

As a civil, earthwork, infrastructure, land survey, topographic survey, gis mapping, utility mapping, and 3d scanning, Land Construction Co., adopts a disciplined and consistent approach each and every time we take on projects… regardless of size or scale.

Our conservative approach ensures all projects tendered for are competitively priced with adequate resources assigned to ensure high-quality delivery in a timely manner.

Embedded in our culture of hard work, honesty, and getting the well done job, our history tells not only much about our past but also it does our present.е Our record of succeeding, surviving, and striving to be the best is central to our reputation today.

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Construction Survey

LCC Company construction surveyors advise contractors, engineers, and other professionals while the process of construction is ongoing. While communication is important in most jobs, it is especially so on a construction site.

The construction surveyor must have a wide range of knowledge in what the other professionals on the site are doing. This understanding of the job and what is required of the other professionals helps the surveyor to anticipate the needs of the other members of the development team.

The main purpose of a construction surveyor involves getting accurate and efficient measurements to ensure that constructed objects are in the correct location on the site. 

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